A better way
to sanitize.

Meet CurX®, the non-alcohol hand sanitizer that kills up to 99% of germs without damaging skin.

Why CurX?

Alcohol-based gels have become a de facto standard of care for hand sanitization. However, routine has become the enemy of progress, so we created a safer alternative with superior germ-killing power. By leveraging healthcare-grade ingredients without an alcohol base, we can achieve superior results without the harmful effects of excessive alcohol exposure.

Benefits Traditional Alcohol-Based Sanitizing Gels
Healthcare-Grade Antiseptic
Safe for frequent use
Kills up to 99% of known disease-causing germs
Up to 1,500 applications with single 8 oz bottle
Doesn’t dry the skin
Won’t lead to cracks or fissures on the skin (which could create subsequent health issues)
Painless (no sting) when applied to open wounds

The Science Behind CurX

CurX employs Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK), a broad-spectrum biocide, as its active ingredient. BZK is an antimicrobial compound that has been widely used for years in a broad range of disinfectant applications, including wound disinfectants.

When it comes to cleaning wounds or skin, antiseptics such as BZK are preferred, as they are effective against viruses, fungi and bacteria, without harming, stinging, or drying out skin like alcohol.

1,000,000+ bottles distributed to major retailers and corporations.
in the U.S.

If we could adopt this benzalkonium chloride, or BZK, in the health care setting, it would relieve the tremendous stresses and strains on the alcohol-only hand-antiseptic supply chain.

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